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Tastes just like Sugar

Same Sweetness as sugar but 1/3 the amount
Low Calories for weight watchers
No Aspartame
Tastes Just Like Sugar

Without the Aftertaste of most Stevia brands

Suitable for Diabetics
No Calories
No Aspartame or Sugar
No Preservatives

Unlike artificial sweeteners, the sweet glycosides do not break down in heat, making Stevia an excellent sugar substitute sweetener for cooking and baking.

Skyland cultivates Stevia leaf and then processes it into four sweetener grades using traditional food grade extraction techniques. Skyland produces over 65% of the world supply of the Stevia extracts.

Japan , Korea and China have been consuming Stevia for nearly 20 years, approved bt their Ministry of Health & Welfare. In the USA market , the FDA approved Stevia consumption following the " Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994".