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Medicinal Effects: Ideal for Diabetics


The refined extracts of Stevia leaves are believed by millions of people worldwide to provide traditional medicinal and therapeutic benefits. Originating in South America over 100 years ago, Stevia usage has expanded to Asia, North America, India, and Europe.

Medical and clinical reports numbering hundreds indicate refined extracts of Stevia are non-toxic, non carcinogenic and ideal for diabetics and helpful in controlling weight. The human body cannot break down these glycosides into glucose, neither are they digested or absorbed by the millions of muscle and tissue cells.

Around the world, diabetic is a serious, growing problem. Over 120 million people are diagnosed diabetics and an estimated 10% of the world's urban population are at risk. The statistics are astonishing, i.e. 1.5 million Canadians, 0.3 million Singaporeans, 20 million Japanese, 30 million Americans and 54% considered well-overweight. SKYSWEET offers a natural, good tasting alternative to other artificial and dietary supplements.


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